Our internship programs runs for a period of 1- 3 months in other to vigorously go through the expected schedule of the desired program. We employ skills of experienced professionals at various levels cum with a high grade calibrated graphics,chats and other audio visual templates to enable a virtual as well as a visual balance in learning. The internship program comes with specific themes(research topic) usually labelled with a code to cater for a specific global need in Agriculture and other related courses and of which notably recognised certificates are offered there after. This, besides improving one’s technical know how, will be a step towards curriculum enrichment and educational certification.


 At the end of every internship program,participants will be awarded with certificate and become a member of the campus agriculture network (CAN) Alumni. This will further entitle him or her to further partake in subsequent national and international workshops and trainings.
 Members with certified internship certificate will enjoy all benefits of being a CAN alumni and thus opportuned to access sponsored conferences within and abroad,funding opportunities,free trainings and workshops and ultimately free consultancy services from our highly skilled professionals (consultants).
 Members will be taking through various forms of agricultural training through the use of ICT and technology in other to prepare them for various roles in their various specializations.
 All CAN ALUMNUS will be entitled to all CAN E-books on various agricultural practices at invariably no cost.

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